Saturday, June 9, 2012

One for all, all for a purpose.

You see, right now Malaysia is experiencing what I would call a 'fashion reinforcement', especially for the hijabers. All of a sudden, everyone is starting a fashion line whether through blogs or boutiques. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm against this new culture of women getting economically aware of how to make money for their social improvement, in fact I am proud of them. These people seek every opportunity on making more money so Salute! Besides making money, these opportunity takers are also helping us to look good! (can you see how beneficial it is for us?)

So what are we doing?
We spend our money. (haha)

Allow me to recommend one of them, ZAWARA ; a fashion label that has helped many women not to just look good in front of other people's eyes but also your own mirror. Through Zawara, you would experience a journey of style changing and satisfaction!

You really think that I'm bluffing huh?

Well check it for yourself!

Twitter: @Zawaradotcom

Blogger: , or Instagram acc: Zawara

Here are some pictures of me in Zawara :

1) First look; the same blouse worn for a wedding and also dinner date:

The blouse
Went tu Fatin Poka Poka's wedding last weekend. cute wedding! :)

Paired with jeans for a casual look.
shoes and jeans from Zara, yellow bag unbranded from Sungei Wang Plaza.

2) second look: Worn to a simple birthday lunch with friends.

The blouse

Zawara's blouse; fishtail skirt from Iamjetfuelshop, purse from Miss Selfridge, shoes again from Zara.

Stylish, Modest and Modern; This is what Zawara is all about. It was created to meet the high standards of the new increasingly demanding fashion enthusiasts (like me) who are always eager to shop for the latest trends. Don't worry about the quality... It is handcrafted using high quality fabric such as sateen silk, chiffon silk, raw silk, cotton as well as batik!

What are you waiting for?
Shop now at ZAWARA.COM or you can personally check out the collections at:

C-0-5, Plaza Damas,
Jln Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy shopping! :)


Eva Ana Kazić said...

Ahh the blouse. You and blue are meant to be.

sue. said...

fira..i know u always featured in so many magazines..hee..another mag where i spot u is Hanger..and i post it at my blog already... =P ...i love u fira comel!


keyboardkecik said...

lompat so katak lompat

KA ( Klik Aje! ) said...

Tahniah dari KA, anda telah terpilih senarai "19 Blogger Feymes Wanita Cantik Di Malaysia"... Sila komen Sila klik aje link 19 Blogger Feymes Wanita Cantik Di Malaysia di bawah ni.

Marcella Cornelia said...

nice style :)

story of che

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LaiLa said...

the blouses area amazing :)
I especially like the second one, the colour is just beautiful, and I love the way you combined it :D

aduka rjuna said...


perfumehk said...

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amer akat said...

aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=

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